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Garden Fence

Today’s weather was beautiful.   I decided to burn some brush, and noticed that some of the branches still had some bend to them.  B and I had wanted to try our hand at building a garden fence.  The photo is the result.  The only thing we didn’t find in our yard was the nails we used to construct the frame.

To make the fence, get five fairly straight branches that are approximately the same length.  Take two to make the top and bottom.  The other three will be the vertical supports.  Nail the vertical ones to the top and bottom.  The start weaving branches that are still a little flexible in whatever manner you see fit.  We used sumac and some thin birch saplings that had been growing in inconvenient places .

While we were making our fence B heard some noises coming from the brush along the property line.  We discovered a mystery flock of chickens in the brush our chickens enjoy spending their time.  At about the same time our neighbor at the top of the hill drove along the fence line.  We didn’t see the chickens again.  We can only hope that they followed our neighbor home.  Although part of me was ready to adopt however many chickens were in there.  I saw at least two. It was surprising there weren’t any scuffles between the two flocks.  At the time our chickens were enjoying an afternoon snack of sumac horns.  The photo below is a few of our chickens resting in the brush after the other chickens disappeared.