CSA Week 18

For the last week of our Summer CSA share we got yogurt, potatoes, carrots, an ash covered cheese, squash, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, salad greens, camenbert, celeriac.


preserving a half bushel of apples

Last weekend we went apple picking.  It was a lot of fun, but today I still had a half bushel sitting in my kitchen.  Over our morning coffee B and I noticed a small fruit fly.  Something needed to be done about the apples today before they got eaten by fruit flies. I had seen a recipe for making apple juice on Mother Earth News Facebook Page.  I decided to give it a try.

After washing, cut your apples and put them in a pot- core, peel and all.

After all the apples are in the pot add some water.  The recipe said about 2 inches.  As the apples cook occasionally stir them to help them break down.

After the apples have broken down, run them through a sieve.

After we separated the mash and peels from the juice we tried to filter it again to make it look more like store bought apple juice, but we got impatient and decided leave it unfiltered.  We were able to make 5 quarts.  The jars are processed for 30 minutes.



While the juice was processing, I pushed the mash through the sieve again and the photo was the end result.  I heated it back up and added cinnamon.  I then processed a quart and four half pints.  The recipe suggested I use the leftover peels to make apple jelly, but by that time I was so tired I let my chickens eat the peels.

CSA Week 17


This week we received golden beets, potatoes, turnip, cabbage, spinach, acorn squash, carrots, shallots, goat cheese in olive oil, orange flavored goat cheese,  lime pepper goat cheese.

Today I pickled the beets.  Because I only had a few I didn’t process the jar.  It’ll go in the fridge for snacking.

I had a spoonful of the orange goat cheese.  YUM!  I expected it to be really sweet, but it isn’t at all.  I think mixing in some honey would make a great dessert.

Our CSA farm, Hatchet Cove Farm in Warren, had their harvest fundraiser for the CSA scholarship fund.  I forgot the camera in our kitchen so I don’t have any lovely pictures.  All the food was made from the various veggies and other CSA add ons the farm had.  Our weekly cheeses are an add on.  There was pizza’s and salads, pies, cookies, bread, local sodas, ice cream.  I really enjoyed the cinnamon ice cream with raspberry apple pie.  K wore herself out playing with the other children and feeding the cows cabbage leaves.

CSA Week 16

This week we received turnips, onion, carrots, squash, Camembert, brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, garlic, spinach, chevre wrapped in a grape leaf and soaked in brandy, and Tomme cheese.

Well, it is time to decide whether or not to join the late fall CSA.  It lasts for an additional four weeks.  We can add on dairy, eggs, bread, or meat.  Decisions, decisions.

Enjoying Fall

I took a long weekend to celebrate the changing of the seasons with my sister and brother-in-law, who were visiting.  We took K out for many traditional fall activities including apple picking, hay ride, corn maze, and hiking.  I introduced my sister to canning.  We made several jars of raspberry jam and apple butter.  B and my sister also spent some time making ricotta cheese.  She and I compared the CSA’s we belong to, and their efforts to eat more locally and sustainably in an urban/suburban setting vs. our rural setting.  We concluded that we have much more variety and availability despite our shorter growing season.  Its all corn and soy beans out there.  As much as I miss my family, I still feel lucky to live where I do.

Getting some help reaching the high apples.

Duncan out on a hike through blueberry barrens.

Exploring the fields

Sliding down a straw pyramid.

Lost in a corn maze.

CSA Week 15

This week we received carrots, a cucumber, bok choy, celery, kale, two heads of broccoli, a turnip, an onion, and four types of spreadable goat cheese.

Common Ground Fair

We spent Saturday afternoon enjoying the Common Ground Fair in Unity.