Is It Winter or Spring?


Well, it hasn’t been too wintery this year in Maine.  There have only been two snow days at school, and I’ve only been let out of work early once.  Still though, it has been cold enough to not let K outside too much to play.  Today all that inside time was getting to everyone in the house, and we decided to head to Clary Hill to tromp around a little bit.  It was in the 40’s today and not windy ( which is unusual where we live.)

We didn’t get far down the trail because of the ice, but we had a lovely time.  Ruby, the Cairn Terrier, enjoyed climbing on rocks and rolling in the snow.  Duncan, our old, fat beagle, sniffed and sniffed.  Us humans slid on the ice and checked out various animal tracks. We wandered around for about an hour, and then made our way home.

Once home K and I looked for signs of spring, and did we find them…

Peonies starting to poke through the ground.

A little poppy popping up.

Some tulips coming through the grass.

More poppies growing.  It gives me hope that the dark days of winter will be gone soon.


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